It’s that time of year! Joining and Renewing your UPA Membership

To become a UPA Member/Renew your membership:
1. Go to
2. Click on “Join” under the Members heading on the left column
3. Click “Join online” near the top of the page
4. If you’re renewing your membership: Input your email address and password and renew your membership.
If you’re signing up to be a member for the first time: click “Brand New Member Signup” link towards the bottom right of the page.
It costs $30 to become/renew your UPA membership, but it lasts a year and comes with the following (I got this list straight from
  • Membership packet with your card and thank-you gift
  • Quarterly subscription to USA Ultimate Magazine
  • 20% discount off Discraft discs (min. 50) for teams/leagues/events
  • Ability to participate in UPA Coaching Corps. Certification
  • Special discounts on Ultimate merchandise
  • Liability insurance coverage for tournaments, practices and leagues
  • A voice and vote in the development, growth and organization of Ultimate

Player-level members also enjoy:

  • Participation in UPA Championship Series events
  • Participation in UPA-sanctioned leagues, tournaments, and practices

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