Best Tournament of Your Life (BTOYL)

Announcing, CSULB is hosting the 3rd Annual BTOYL (Best Tournament of Your Life) Tournament, March 20-21. For the first time this tournament will host both Men’s and Women’s teams rather than just be a Men’s tournament. The current plan is to have 8 Women’s teams and 12 Open teams, though that is still subject to change depending on how many teams are interested. The bid cost is yet to be decided, but we will email you guys all the information soon.  Free housing can be provided for some teams if needed.  Please enter your bids as soon as possible.  Before March 3.

Please send the following information to :
1. Team name
2. Team contact name, e-mail address, and phone number
3. Number of bids requesting
4. Whether or not your team would like housing (include approximate
number of players)
With No Regrets,
Gerene Garcia and Patricia “Igloo” Anderson
Co-Captains of No Regrets

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