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BRO Life 2010

BRO HO HO HO Life! BRO Life will be held on December 4th and 5th this year.  CSULB No Regrets Second Annual BRO Life (Best Regret of Life) Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. It’s going to be a good year of competition and hopefully another successful tournament. Looking forward to seeing everyone that weekend. For tournament info email:

If you have any questions you can contact tournament director:
Patricia “Igloo” Anderson

USA Ultimate link to BRO Life:



Bro Life 2010 Captians Packet

It’s that time of year! Joining and Renewing your UPA Membership

To become a UPA Member/Renew your membership:
1. Go to
2. Click on “Join” under the Members heading on the left column
3. Click “Join online” near the top of the page
4. If you’re renewing your membership: Input your email address and password and renew your membership.
If you’re signing up to be a member for the first time: click “Brand New Member Signup” link towards the bottom right of the page.
It costs $30 to become/renew your UPA membership, but it lasts a year and comes with the following (I got this list straight from
  • Membership packet with your card and thank-you gift
  • Quarterly subscription to USA Ultimate Magazine
  • 20% discount off Discraft discs (min. 50) for teams/leagues/events
  • Ability to participate in UPA Coaching Corps. Certification
  • Special discounts on Ultimate merchandise
  • Liability insurance coverage for tournaments, practices and leagues
  • A voice and vote in the development, growth and organization of Ultimate

Player-level members also enjoy:

  • Participation in UPA Championship Series events
  • Participation in UPA-sanctioned leagues, tournaments, and practices

No Regrets: Things you need to respond to me

1.) Jersey Design Votes : I sent an email with the attachments (email it to my personal email:
2.) Jersey Numbers: Vets get priority. Give me your top 3 choices in order (for example: *69*, 5, 32).
3.) Trouble in Vegas: We’re having a tournament Feb 5-7 in… Las Vegas, need to know if you can go or not, we are taking a limited roster
4.) Jersey Short Votes: black or white?
5.) Jersey Sizes: I emailed the sizing chart. You have the choice of men’s or women’s sizes. then from there regular sizing.

Shin Splint: Prevention and Treatment

Step 1:
The main cause of shin splints (along with stress fractures, which are far more serious) is putting more pressure on the legs than they can handle. They generally form after the body goes from low levels of physical activity to higher levels of activity and exercise. They can also form on frequent walkers and runners no matter how good of shape they are in, often because of shoes that do not provide adequate heel support. When this is the case, the solution to shin splints is to simply find better fitting shoes.

Step 2:
According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the Mayo Clinic, the most common remedy for shin splints is rest. Unless what you are dealing with is actually a more serious condition, the discomfort should subside after a week or two of rest. The McKinley Health Center of the University of Illinois suggests that the pain can be tempered by icing the affected areas or by taking an aspirin or other pain reliever, but this is only recommended as a supplement to rest – not an alternative. If the pain persists despite consistent rest, you may have a more serious condition, and should consult your physician.

Step 3:
Shin splints can often be prevented. If you go for weeks at a time without performing any type of exercise, you cannot expect to then jump right into a heavy routine. The body needs to work its way up to higher levels of durability, otherwise it begins to pick up damage. Rather than jumping right in with both feet, start by exercising about once every three days. Later, increase your workload to once every two days. Eventually, your body will regain (or, for particularly sedentary readers, gain) its tolerance and you will be able to exercise regularly.

Step 4:
The chances of preventing shin splints increase with stretching before exercise, gradually building up activity rather than going directly from a low activity level to a high activity level, and wearing comfortable well-fitting shoes.

Best Regret of your Life: CSULB Women’s First Tournament

Dear All Women’s Ultimate Teams,
No Regrets is proud to present our first tournament the “Best Regret Of your Life (BRO Life)”.  It’ll be held October 24-25th at CSULB. We realize this is early on in the year, but like UCLA’s tournament it’s aimed towards giving rookies experience as well as catering to the veterans.  The cost for each team is $180.  If numbers allow we’re willing to help organize a pick up team for colleges that don’t quite have the numbers to have their own team.  Free housing can be provided for some teams if needed.  Please enter your bids as soon as possible.
Please send the following information to :
1. Team name
2. Team contact name, e-mail address, and phone number
3. Number of bids requesting
4. Whether or not your team would like housing (include approximate
number of players)
With No Regrets,
Gerene Garcia and Patricia “Igloo” Anderson
Co-Captains of No Regrets
Teams who have bids: updated: October 21, 2009:
CSULB-No Regrets
SDSU- Cha Chas
Cal Poly Pomona-Lucky Charms
Cal Poly-Fast Motion
Here’s the Schedule for the tournament: