Alumni 2014Alumni Day 2014

–  Kaitlynn “K-Smash” Hirst (2012) –

In the fall of 2006 in Long Beach, California a Women’s Ultimate team begins.

A team which levels all of its assets against an opponent, and leaves a field scorched by the cleats of its players.

This team is No Regrets.

The team is now in its 6th season, and the years have sculpted No Regrets into a dynamic and competitive Ultimate organization.  The team is comprised mainly of veteran players who skillfully balance keen cuts with shrewd handling ability. The captains confidently place any member of the team in a handler position, including the team’s fabulous rookies.

Although the team is not gifted with a deep bench, No Regrets has participated at Regionals every year since its inception and plays with enough heart and dedication to field a team twice its size. Much of the commitment to the No Regrets organization is a result of the intimate Ultimate community in Long Beach. No Regrets regularly shares practice time with the Long Beach Stalkers open team, reciprocates sideline support, and maintains close friendships off the field with the Stalkers and various community players.

Playing with a group of incredibly talented and fun-loving women… No Regrets!

No Regrets Unforgettable Alumni
Kendelle Matheny 2008
Rikki Nicole Stankevitz  2008
Kathryn Price  2009
Itunu Daramola  2009
Marissa Velarde  2009
Gerri Duru  2009
Theresa “T-Bone” Kellerman  2009
Julia Smith  2009
Heidi Engler  2009
Melissa Woods  2009
Gerene Garcia  2010
Skylar DeVoogd  2011
Beth “Nanna” Braunstein  2011
Kathryn “Shutterbug” Rudd  2011
Chelsea Leyshock  2011
Nikki Baldwin  2011
Amy Azevedo Mulgrew  2011
Valerie Garza  2011
Sarah “SLO” Davisson  2012
Patty “Igloo” Anderson  2012
Kaitlynn “K Smash” Hirst  2012
Evie Herzfeld   2012
Emily Harrington  2012
Alison “Buster” Yoho  2013
Allison “Zoot” Keilhold  2013
Chelsea “Scooch” Baldemor  2013
Ivana “Spoon” Monson  2013
Lauren “Tucan” Cantu  2013
Sam “Boots” McTonnell 2013
Mette “Lego” Godiksen 2013
Cortney “Boomer” Schultz  2014
Ashley “Lingo” Theodore 2014
Danaka “Anchor” Shaver 2014
Eleanor “Dino” Sheedy 2014
Kaitlin “Rustee” Hodgdon 2014
Suzanne  “Sprinks” Noordermeer 2014


Memorable Coaches
Nick “Retro” Sauer   2008-2011
Ryan “Red Shorts” Smith  2012-2013
Sam “Boots” McTonnell 2013-2014