Captains ::  Keziah Choi & Sheila Robles  

Team Manager ::  Amy Tippol

Sidekick Manager :: Christi Wilbert

Treasurer  ::  Michalla Geer

Social Chairs  ::  Sabrina Montano & Teresa Leon

Tournament Director  ::  Sheila Robles

Pickup Coordinator :: Sheila Robles

Team Trainer :: Justine Chang

Media Specialists :: Christi Wilbert & Michalla Geer


Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

USA Ultimate

Our First Youtube Highlights Video

Short Clip of XY @ BTOYL against Grass Ninjas (thanks Steven)

Amy Chang Ultimate Photography

Spin Ultimate (404) 580-2721 love their shorts and customer service

The Huddle -online ultimate magazine

Instructional Videos

Ultimate Rob -videos to help you on different skills for ultimate

Force and Go to Drill

Bob Marley: Flick Grip

Bob Marley: Flick


A little bit of history

The Anthem

Everyone can throw

You got a lot in you

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UCSD Psychos

UCI Grass Ninjas

UCLA BLU and Midas